A perk of living in Orlando is the ability to grow fantastic, lush, tropical-looking plants and flowers year-round. For a fun and functional landscape installation in Orlando, follow these top ten tips.

1) Get help: Do it yourself projects can be fun or disastrous. While installing a landscape seems like it might be fun and easy, it is even more fun to have a team of landscape installation professionals do it for you, so you can enjoy your garden.

2) Research your plant selections: (Or make sure that your landscape installation contractor does research) For the most beautiful, year-round landscape in Orlando, you will want to select a variety of plants that bloom throughout the year. Additionally, not everything that grows in Orlando is evergreen, so you will want to choose some plants that are evergreen for foundation plantings.

3) Secure proper landscape installation permits: This is another area where are qualified landscape installation professional in Orlando can help. Planting a few flowers does not require a permit. Digging a well and installing a complete irrigation system does require permits.

4) Think about watering: Central Florida is rainy in the summer and dry in the winter-usually. However, Florida has been experiencing a drought over the last few years. In order to maintain a beautiful yard in Florida, you will need to water it. If you do not have an irrigation system, and you are planning a major landscape renovation, you will need to think about installing one. It is better to do this before you plant everything! If you do not wish to install an irrigation system, select plants that, once established, need little water.

5) Prepare a Landscape Design: Plan before you plant is a good mantra for landscape installation. You do not need to be a landscape architect to design a pretty foundation planting and flower beds. There are many internet resources, books and magazines available to help you. Planning ahead will help you control your spending at the nursery, and be realistic about the number of plants you need. (You will often need more plants than you thought!)

6) Plant for the Future: With its warm temperatures and rainy summers, Orlando is a great place for plants to grow-fast. When you install your landscape, be certain to give your plants room to grow. It might look like you have a lot of bare space for the first month or so, but sooner than you would expect, your landscape will be lush and beautiful.

7) Safety first: Whether you are installing a commercial or residential landscape in Florida, consider safety a number one priority. A certified landscape contractor should know the ins and outs of safety codes. Additionally, if you are installing your landscape yourself, you can read about types of paving to use or not use, and types of plants that are better than others. For example, if you have children, you will want to avoid planting oleander. While oleander is a beautiful flowering shrub, it is better for large-scale installations at places like airports or shopping malls. It is highly poisonous, and you would not want to risk your child deciding to eat it! (Children eat everything!) Doing a little bit of research before your landscape installation in Orlando will go a long way toward helping you create a beautiful, functional and fun landscape.